WTP Fantasy Baseball Rankings: #151-250

151    Bobby Abreu    OF – Showing age but could still be a 20/20 guy, 15/15 for sure.
152    Neil Walker    2B
153    Matt Garza    SP – Change to NL(and out of AL East) should spark solid year.
154    Tim Hudson    SP
155    Aubrey Huff    1B/OF
156    Houston Street    RP
157    John Danks    SP
158    Gio Gonzalez    SP – Big strikeout numbers but walks the world.
159    Daniel Hudson    SP – Stellar young arm could be DBacks ace by year end.
160    Francisco Cordero    RP
161    Chris Perez    RP
162    Denard Span    OF
163    John Axford    RP
164    Ricky Nolasco    SP
165    Joe Nathan    RP – If healthy top 5 closer potential as always but have to see that the arm is okay first.
166    Derrek Lee    1B
167    Brad Lidge    RP
168    Ryan Dempster    SP
169    Trevor Cahill    SP – .235 BAbip means we should expect a step or two back in 2011.
170    Phil Hughes    SP – Will win plenty and shouldn’t run out of gas a quickly this year.
171    Ryan Franklin    RP
172    Jeremy Hellickson    SP – Extremely impressive in 2010 call up. Ace potential.
173    Andres Torres    OF
174    Adam Laroche    1B
175    Madison Bumgarner    SP
176    Drew Storen    RP
177    Rajai Davis    OF – Steal master but may not be utilized in power first Jays lineup.
178    Colby Lewis    SP
179    Matt Thornton    RP
180    Jhoulys Chacin    SP
181    Ricky Romero    SP – Love this guy. Think he will continue to progress in the right direction.
182    Hiroki Kuroda    SP
183    Travis Snider    OF
184    Luke Scott    1B/OF
185    Jose Tabata    OF
186    Sean Rodriguez    2B/OF
187    Austin Jackson    OF – Looks great early in Spring Training but BAbip near .400 last year tells us we could see a regression in 2011.
188    Asdrubal Cabrera    SS
189    David Aardsma    RP
190    Gaby Sanchez    1B
191    Jamie Garcia    SP
192    Michael Cuddyer    1B/3B/OF
193    CJ Wilson    SP – Not a huge fan of this guy and innings increase could catch up to him.
194    Yunel Escobar    SS
195    Cragi Kimbrel    RP
196    Ryan Raburn    2B/OF
197    Brett Myers    SP
198    Kurt Suzuki    C
199    Dom Brown    OF – Will eventually be full time RF in Philly but until then not a fantasy starter.
200    Josh Beckett    SP
201    Brandon Lyon    RP
202    Chris Coghlan    OF
203    Jorge De La Rosa    SP
204    Alcides Escobar    SS
205    Jorge Posada    C – Will see increased at bats and numbers as full time DH.
206    Fernando Rodney    RP
207    Dexter Fowler    OF

36 Days until Opening Day 2011

208    Leo Nunez    RP
209    Ike Davis    1B
210    Edinson Volquez    SP – Opening Day starter with electric stuff, late steal potential.
211    Mike Aviles    2B/SS

212    Jason Kubel    OF
213    James Loney    1B
214    Brian Matusz    SP – My 2010 AL ROY struggled early but was stellar under Showalter. Will take a big step forward in 2011.
215    Ian Kennedy    SP
216    Jordan Zimmerman    SP
217    Coco Crisp    OF
218    Ervin Santana    SP
219    Kevin Gregg    RP
220    Lance Berkman    1B/OF
221    Miguel Tejada    3B/SS
222    Mitch Moreland    1B
223    Hong Chi Kuo    RP
224    Javy Vazquez    SP – Move back to NL East can’t hurt. Move anywhere that is not navy pinstripes couldn’t hurt this guy.
225    Johnny Cueto    SP
226    James Shields    SP
227    Joel Hanharan    RP
228    Chase Headley    3B
229    Tsuyoshi Nishioka    2B/SS – No idea what to expect from this guy. You will have better options.
230    Logan Morrsion    OF
231    Rafeal Soriano    RP – Set up man with closer potential. Could get a chance if Mo’s age catches up with him. Don’t count on it.
232    Daniel Bard    RP – Another set up guy with closer potential. Could get chance if Papelbon falters. More likely than statement above.
233    Johnny Venters    RP
234    Placido Polanco    2B/3B
235    Scott Rolen    3B
236    Evan Meek    RP
237    Carlos Zambrano    SP
238    Alfonso Soriano    OF
239    Omar Infante    2B/3B/SS/OF
240    Manny Rameriz    OF – Flourished in AL East for a long time but in the twilight of his career now. Could be great late round sleeper, if he can rediscover his power.
241    Frank Francisco    RP
242    Anibal Sanchez    SP
243    Raul Ibanez    OF
244    Freddie Freeman    1B – Freddie could be 2011’s Jayson Heyward.
245    Carl Pavano    SP
246    Desmond Jennings    OF – Reminds me a lot of Crawford but does not have his skill set quite yet.
247    Gavin Floyd    SP
248    Aroldis Chapman    RP – Won’t be worth much of anything fantasy wise until he has no innings limit or Cincy finally makes him a starter.
249    Ty Wigginton    1B/2B/3B
250    Magglio Ordonez    OF – At bats have decreased each of year since 2007. If in line up will be dangerous hitting behind Victor and Miggy Cabs.

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