WTP Fantasy Baseball Rankings #1-150

The top 150 fantasy baseball rankings from WTP were going to be broken down between 50 to 150 and 1 to 50 in two separate posts but due to being busy recently I will have them all right here in this post. The complete 350 will be in the ‘Fantasy Baseball Rankings’ page at the top of the blog.
1    Albert Pujols    1B – Phat Albert’s normal offensive production = tremendous. Phat Albert’s offensive production in a walk year while seeking $30MM = frightening.
2    Hanley Rameriz    SS – 30/30 and .300 average at thin SS position is dominant.
3    Miguel Cabrera    1B – Drinking problems are a concern but they have never stopped him from banging the ball around the park.
4    Evan Lonoria    3B – Best 3B in the league, and is complete package at only 25.
5    Ryan Braun    OF
6    Troy Tulowitzki    SS – Has a very legit chance to overtake Hanley as top SS in the game this season.
7    Joey Votto    1B – NL MVP improving e very year and is at that magical baseball age of 27 this year.
8    Carlos Gonzalez    OF – CarGo exploded last season and 25/25 with 100 runs and 100 RBIs should be easily reached in Colorado.
9    Robinson Cano    2B – Breakout 2010 has him in the upper end of all drafts this year.
10    Carl Crawford    OF
11    Adrian Gonzalez    1B – Some expect him to slug .900 at Fenway. I don’t know about all that but could be an MVP candidate for sure.
12    David Wright    3B
13    Roy Halladay    SP – Best pitcher in the majors without any question.
14    Chase Utley    2B – Health may be an issue and should be monitored but elite 2B when in the lineup.
15    Mark Texieria    1B
16    Josh Hamilton    OF – 2010 AL MVP usually good for 1+ DL stint a year. Otherwise he is a top 10 fantasy play no question.
17    Ryan Zimmerman    3B
18    Felix Hernandez    SP – Pitcher friendly park + nasty stuff = Cy Young.
19    Alex Rodriguez    3B – Not the ARod of old but still 30/100 and in better shape this spring.
20    Prince Fielder    1B – Big boy in a walk year? Huge year could be in the works.
21    Tim Lincecum    SP – The Freak will contend for a Cy Young, just like every other year.
22    Matt Holliday    OF
23    Ryan Howard    1B
24    Kevin Youkilis    1B/3B – Heck of a bat to have with 3B eligibility.
25    Matt Kemp    OF – Top 5 pick last year, will try to get back to elite status.
26    Dustin Pedroia    2B
27    Jose Reyes    SS
28    Nelson Cruz    OF
29    Adam Wainwright    SP – Out for season, rankings compiled pre-injury.
30    Cliff Lee    SP – Dominated for the Phils in a half year there in ’09, why shouldn’t he do it again.
31    Justin Upton    OF
32    Joe Mauer    C – Power disappeared in 2010 at new stadium in Minny but still best in the game without question.
33    Shin Soo Choo    OF – 90 R, 20 HR, 90 RBI, 20 SB, .300 AVG sounds about right.
34    Dan Uggla    2B
35    Ian Kinsler    2B
36    Clayton Kershaw    SP
37    Andrew McCutchen    OF – 5 tool guy stuck in Pittsburgh is making the best of his situation.
38    Adrian Beltre    3B
39    Jose Bautista    3B/OF – 54 Home runs? Never again. Still a decent 3B play. Take him later if he would be in your outfield.
40    Adam Dunn    1B – May have first 50 home run season at US Cellular. My pick for MLB home run champion.
41    Jon Lester    SP
42    Jason Heyward    OF – 2010’s preseason phenom showed us he really is that good. Will carry it over into 2011.
43    Victor Martinez    C/1B – More at bats and enhanced stats should be result of more time at DH.
44    Zack Grienke    SP – Former AL Cy Young should flourish in NL. Expect big bounce back year for the young stud.
45    Jimmy Rollins    SS – Declining numbers and healthy definitely a concern but thin SS position makes him worth potential risk.
46    CC Sabathia    SP
47    Brandon Phillips    2B
48    Josh Johnson    SP
49    Hunter Pence    OF
50    Buster Posey    C – NL ROY already a top 3 catcher. Should continue to rake for SF.
51    Brian McCann    C
52    Justin Morneau    1B
53    Rickie Weeks    2B
54    Derek Jeter    SS – Still valuable at thin shortstop position.
55    Ichiro Suzuki    OF – Model of consistency. 200 hits every year in MLB.
56    Ubaldo Jimenez    SP
57    Jayson Werth    OF – Do not expect as big of a year as past few, now playing in pitcher’s park.
58    Kendry Morales    1B – Guy can mash as long as he is not jumping on home plate too often.
59    Alex Rios    OF
60    Justin Verlander    SP
61    Tommy Hanson    SP
62    Jay Bruce    OF
63    Mariano Rivera    RP – Enter Sandman.
64    Cole Hamels    SP
65    Brian Wilson    RP – Fear the Beard.
66    Mike Stanton    OF
67    Andre Ethier    OF
68    Jacoby Ellsbury    OF
69    David Price    SP – We could see slight regression from Price but can count on him as solid SP2.
70    Alexei Rameriz    SS
71    Mat Latos    SP
72    Heath Bell    RP
73    Joakim Soria    RP – May be most consistent closer not named Mariano.
74    Billy Butler    1B – Signed big contract by KC Royals standards, now has to live up to it as he is the face of that franchise.
75    Aramis Rameriz    3B
76    Elvis Andrus    SS
77    Martin Prado    2B/3B
78    Neftali Feliz    RP – After electric ROY season with Texas, needs to stay as closer.
79    Jered Weaver    SP
80    Carlos Marmol    RP
81    Francisco Liriano    SP – May be on the move, could change his draft stock.
82    Carlos Santana    C
83    BJ Upton    OF – His avg. will kill you but 20 HRs and 40 SBs is in reach.
84    Chris Young    OF
85    Shane Victorino    OF
86    Paul Konerko    1B – Great power with great protection with addition of Dunn.
87    Dan Haren    SP
88    Yovani Gallardo    SP
89    Chris Carpenter    SP – Ran out of gas at the end of 2011, may need to step up game with Wainwright out for the year.
90    Roy Oswalt    SP – Best #3 pitcher in the majors. Very low BAbip could mean inflated stats in 2010.
91    Matt Cain    SP
92    Corey Hart    OF
93    Colby Rasmus    OF
94    Delmon Young    OF
95    Stephen Drew    SS
96    Drew Stubbs    OF
97    Pedro Alvarez    3B – May be the top 3B sleeper in the league.
98    Ben Zobrist    1B/2B/OF
99    Casey McGehee    3B
100    Kelly Johnson    2B
101    Jon Papelbon    RP
102    Max Scherzer    SP – Dominant after spending time in Minors last year. Expect more of the same.
103    Michael Young    3B
104    Curtis Granderson    OF
105    Aaron Hill    2B
106    Pablo Sandoval    1B/3B – Slimmer Panda poised for a huge year.
107    Adam Lind    OF
108    Michael Bourn    OF
109    Chad Billingsley    SP
110    Francisco Rodriguez    RP
111    Brett Anderson    SP – Was great in 2010 when healthy. Needs to prove he can stay on the field though.
112    Shawn Marcum    SP – Trade into the NL should make him even better.
113    Nick Markakis    OF
114    Geovany Soto    C
115    Carlos Quentin    OF
116    Brett Gardner    OF – Fastest man in the league. Could steal 80 bases.
117    Clay Buchholz    SP – Breakout 2010 put him on the map, big innings increase could be a concern.
118    Rafeal Furcal    SS
119    Wandy Rodriguez    SP
120    Brian Roberts    2B
121    Carlos Pena    1B – Brings the power but needs to get that average back up.
122    Ian Desmond    SS
123    Mark Reynolds    3B
124    Adam Jones    OF
125    Gordon Beckham    2B – Looks to carry big second half(.877 OPS) into 2011.
126    Andrew Baily    RP
127    Jon Broxton    RP
128    Grady Sizemore    OF – Will this be the year he’s finally healthy and the old Grady?
129    Angel Pagan    OF
130    David Ortiz    DH
131    Torii Hunter    OF
132    Vernon Wells    OF
133    Brandon Morrow    SP – Big strikeouts are worth it if you could deal with slightly higher ERA.
134    Juan Pierre    OF
135    Nick Swisher    OF
136    Mike Napoli    C/1B
137    Jon Sanchez    SP – Has been progressing in the right direction every year. Big K’s.
138    JJ Putz    RP
139    Carlos Beltran    OF
140    Matt Wieters    C
141    Jason Bay    OF
142    Carlos Lee    OF
143    Ted Lilly    SP
144    Vlad Guerreo    OF – Big bounce back year in Texas in 2010, expect similar numbers playing at Camden Yards.
145    Howie Kendrick    1B/2B
146    Jose Valverde    RP
147    Ian Stewart    3B
148    Starlin Castro    SS
149    Miguel Montero    C
150    Chone Figgins    2B – Safeco killed him last year but speed still a threat.

32 Days until Opening Day 2011


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