Hot Babe Bracket: Audrey Hepburn Region Round 1 Results

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui def. 16. Katy Perry: 4-0

  • Katy Perry is one of those chicks who people seem to either love or hate. Emmanuelle, however, is undoubtedly loved by all. Sloan defeats the Teenage Dream.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

9. Natalie Portman def. 8. Rihanna : 3-1

  • Rihanna may have the better body but all around Natalie Portman brings more to the table. The Black Swan defeats ‘The Only Girl in the World.’

9. Natalie Portman

5. Jana Kramer def. 12. Hayden Panettiere: 3-1

  • One Tree Hill star Jana Kramer knocks out Hayden Panettiere in Round 1. Kramer has a very sexy look while Hayden may be considered just “cute.” She has been called “overrated” by one Bro.

5. Jana Kramer

4. Anne Hathaway def. 13. Rachel Bilson: 3-1

  • Anne Hathaway may have snuck in a bit high at a 4 seed but she is also one of the most well-rounded babes in the tourney. This is the main reason the ‘Princess’ edged out the O.C. star.

4. Anne Hathaway

11. Jennifer Love Hewitt def. 6. Penelope Cruz: 3-1

  • Upset Alert: In our first upset Jennifer Love Hewitt knocks off, the potentially, most epic pair of knockers in this tournament. Then again shes not known as Jennifer Love ‘Hugetits’ for nothing.

11. Jennifer Love Hewitt

3. Jessica Alba def. 14. Reese Witherspoon: 4-0

  • Easy win for Jessica Alba as she downs the last at-large babe to make it into the tourney. Dark Angel over Elle Woods all day.

3. Jessica Alba

7. Megan Fox def. 10. Brittany Snow: 3-1

  • Star who oozes sex vs. relatively unknown blond? Sex oozer from Transformers takes the cake and advances.

7. Megan Fox

2. Amber Heard def. 15. Gemma Arterton: 4-0

  • Amber Heard is a truly gorgeous girl, had a distinct advantage in this match up. Gemma is a good looking girl but she has an interesting look to her that is not these Bros cup of tea.

2. Amber Heard


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