Hot Babe Bracket: Grace Kelly Region Round 1 Results

1. Brooklyn Decker def. 16. Emily Blunt: 3-1

  • Emily Blunt gave Brooklyn Decker the slightest run for her money but it was to no avail as our 3rd out of 3 number one seed advances. Brooklyn is a beautiful model and has really stormed onto the scene with her part in ‘Just Go With It.’ The blond bombshell advances.

1. Brooklyn Decker

8. Jennifer Morrison def. 9. Sienna Miller: 3-1

  • Jennifer Morrison has really risen on the depth chart of hotties since she arrived on How I Met Your Mother. Morrison, although older, may be hitting her peak while Miller was considered a top tier babe back in ’06. HIMYM’s Zoey takes down the English model.

8. Jennifer Morrison

5. Sofia Vergara def. 12. Elin Nordgeren: 3-1

  • The gorgeously busty Sofia Vergara takes down Tiger Woods’ ex-wife in the first round. It appears as though one bro has a thing for sports wives but Vergara and her insane latina tatas had a clear edge in this match up.

5. Sofia Vergara

4. Giselle Bundchen def. 13. Angelina Jolie: 3-1

  • In this match up we actually have a sports wife who did make it through the 1st round in a close one. Giselle, one of the most beautiful models in the world, has taken down 13 seed Angelina Jolie. Angelina is too busy adopting Cambodian babies these days to stay in her tip top hot shape. This could have been a sweep if Giselle was not married to Tom Brady.

4. Giselle Bundchen

6. Adriana Lima def. 11. Isla Fisher: 3-1

  • We fell in love with Isla when she was the pretend-virgin getting down with Vince Vaughn in wedding crashers and although she is super cute she was no match for Adriana Lima’s body. Any woman who we see in lingerie more than anything else may have a serious advantage in the tourney.

6. Adriana Lima

3. Eva Mendes def. 14. Shakira: 4-0

  • In the only shutout in the Kelly Region’s first round Eva Mendes gets past Shakira with ease. If it was a handful of years ago Shakira may have been able to pull off an upset here because it is not just her looks that contribute to her sexiness but what she can do with her body; it is stellar. But these days Eva is just too too hot all around.

3. Eva Mendes

10. Mila Kunis def. 7. Kristin Cavallari: 3-1

  • Upset Alert: The lone upset in this region thus far took place in the 7/10 match up. Mila Kunis, a late selection, was able to beat the former Hills star Cavallari. Kunis has been looking great for ever 10 years now and seems to be getting hotter and hotter. The model of consistency.

10. Mila Kunis

2. Beyonce Knowles def. 15. Kaley Cuoco: 3-1

  • A non-blowout win in this match up may be even more surprising than the fact that a 16 seed got a vote. There is one Bro who is a big fan of Kaley Cuoco but others question whether she even belongs in the field of 64. Cuoco has her moments but not considered by many to be a tip-top hottie. Jay-z’s girl lives to fight another battle.

2. Beyonce Knowles


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