Hot Babe Bracket: Marilyn Monroe Region Round 1 Result

1. Scarlett Johansson def. 16. Katie Aselton: 4-0

  • Scarlett Johansson rolls through her 16 seed opponent with no problem. Katie Aselton may appear hotter to us guys because she portrays a babe who knows football better than most of us do and lives for fantasy football. She won’t be playing for the Shiva Bowl in this tourney however.

1. Scarlett Johansson

9. Elisha Cuthbert def. 8. Jennifer Connelly: 3-1

  • Maybe if Jennifer Connelly was not 100 years old she would have stood a chance in this match up. Although it was not a major blow out Cuthbert was the rightful victor as Connelly is well out of her prime. Elisha is may not be the same ‘girl next door’ that we remember but she is still a hottie.

9. Elisha Cuthbert

5. Lacey Chabert def. 12. Julianne Hough: 3-2

  • This was the most controversial match up in the entire first round. Some Bros love Chabert’s look while others believe she should not even have made the field of 68. Hough has serious sexiness which is enhanced by her dancing but the brunette sneaks by via the tie breaker.

5. Lacey Chabert

4. Olivia Wilde def. 13. Maria Sharapova: 3-1

  • Wilde has a quietly wild look to her that sets her above Sharapova. A few years ago she burst onto the scene and was considered the hottest around by many and has since tapered off a bit. The Tron star moves past the bracket’s lone athletic representative(unless you consider racing a sport of course,) and into round 2.

4. Olivia Wilde

6. Kate Beckinsale def. 11. Danneel Harris: 3-1

  • One of the older babes in this Bracket was able to down the questionable Danneel Harris. Her credibility in this tourney became questionable as soon as one Bro asked, “didn’t Danneel Harris used to have a dick?” Enough said.

6. Kate Beckinsale

3. Maria Menounos def. 14. Eliza Dushku: 4-0

  • Some of you out there may be saying Maria who? Others may be saying Eliza who? The fact of the matter is Eliza still looks good but not as good as she did in her Bring It On days. The Greek Menounos easily takes down the tough cheerleader in a blowout.

3. Maria Menounos

7. Blake Lively def. 10. Ashley Greene: 3-1

  • A few of the Bros questioned Greene being a part of this tournament at all. Sometimes she looks pretty good but from what most of us have seen she has a very weird look to her overall. Blake Lively squeaks by the Twilight star.

7. Blake Lively

2. Marisa Miller def. 15. Jamie Lynn Sigler: 4-0

  • Although everyone would love to get it on with a refuted crime boss’ daughter, fictional or not, Meadow Soprano aka Jamie Lynn was no match for Marisa Miller. Miller is by far the hottest model on the planet and has been the top model for some time now. I hope Tony doesn’t get too mad that his little girl got bounced so quick or there might be a contract out on the Bros.

2. Marisa Miller


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