Hot Babe Bracket: Audrey Hepburn Region Round 2 Results

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui def. 9. Natalie Portman: 4-0

  • Another mismatch on paper proved to be one as Chriqui blew out Portman with a score of 4-0. Portman probably loses points because we have all seen her gigantically pregnant for a few months now. Chriqui and her pure beauty wins out.

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui


5. Jana Kramer def. 4. Anne Hathaway: 3-2

  • In the tightest match up of this round(in this region) Jana Kramer was able to squeak by Anne Hathaway in overtime. In a battle described by one Bro as a “Battle of Mediocrity” Kramer is clearly the rising star while Anne Hathaway seems not to have the same popularity that she did in years past.

5. Jana Kramer

3. Jessica Alba def. 11. Jennifer Love Hewitt: 3-1

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt was able to pull an upset in the first round but she was not hot enough to take down Jessica Alba. Hewitt is out of her prime while Alba is still hitting her stride. The gorgeous Alba gets past the ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ star.

3. Jessica Alba

2. Amber Heard def. 7. Megan Fox: 4-0

  • Heard is still relatively unknown to the masses but by the end of this bracket everyone may know her name. Megan Fox is quite the hottie but she also has a look which says “I’m dirty.” This is not an attribute that comes off as a positive in the Bracket of the Bros.

2. Amber Heard


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