Hot Babe Bracket: Monica Bellucci Region Round 2 Results

1. Minka Kelly def. 8. Keira Knightley: 3-1

  • Minka Kelly has defeated Keira Knightley in a close decision to advance to the Sexy 16. In a match up that is a blowout on paper one Bro was down on Kelly saying, “She is overrated, just like her boy Derek Jeter.” Well I don’t know about all that but Knightley has had moments where she appears freakishly skinny. The shortstop’s girl moves on.

1. Minka Kelly

5. Sophia Bush def. 4. Jordana Brewster: 3-2

  • Another 2nd round match up was propelled to overtime; this time between Sophia Bush and Jordana Brewster. Those high on Brewster will be disappointed that Bush edged her out as the tiebreaker “always goes with the Bush.”

5. Sophia Bush

11. Jennifer Lopez def. 3. Halle Berry: 3-1

  • We have our first Cinderella watch in this tournament as the 11 seeded J.Lo takes down Halle Berry. In a close match up between 40-somethings J.Lo and her huge ass was able to beat out the hot bikini body of Berry. J.Lo is seeing a resurgence these days while Berry is pretty much irrelevant to most men. The boyish haircut she tends to rock certainly did not help Halle either.

11. Jennifer Lopez

2. Kim Kardashian def. 10. Christina Hendricks: 4-0

  • This face off is what makes America a great great place. This match up shall be dubbed the “Battle of the Busts.” Kim Kardashian and Christina Hendricks are two of the bustiest, curviest and sexiest women on the planet these days but the score is reasonable as Kim is more of a full package than Hendricks. Kim has the pretty face that Christina lacks and has the curves without being “big.” Battle of the Bust…advantage Kim Kardashian.

2. Kim Kardashian


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