Hot Babe Bracket: Grace Kelly Region Round 2 Results

1. Brooklyn Decker def. 8. Jennifer Morrison: 3-2

  • In the closest match up in which a one seed was a part Brooklyn Decker was able to sneak past Jennifer Morrison in overtime. This really seems like quite the mismatch on paper but Morrison’s stock has risen since becoming a part of the How I Met Your Mother cast. The gorgeous model Decker, however, was able to stay alive and advance over the House star.

1. Brooklyn Decker

5. Sofia Vergara def. 4. Giselle Bundchen: 3-1

  • Vergara was relatively unknown until 2009 when she burst onto the seen as one of the stars of Modern Family. Ever since everyone knows her name and that voluptuous body of hers. The latina factor certainly plays a role in her victory as well, everyone loves that accent. Giselle was able to steal a point but she just did not have the goods and will have to go home to her Justin Beiber lookin’ husband now.

5. Sofia Vergara

3. Eva Mendes def. 6. Adriana Lima: 3-1

  • In a region heavy with models, another one bites the dust. In a match up that could have possibly went either way and easily into overtime Eva Mendes takes home the win. Mendes has the booty and one can get distracted by Lima’s sexiness if she smiles. Mendes is ‘Hitch’in a ride into the Sexy 16.

3. Eva Mendes

2. Beyonce def. 10. Mile Kunis: 3-1

  • Surprising that this ended up not being a blowout considering Beyonce has the body and the sex appeal while Mila has only the ‘cute-look’ for the most part. The former Destiny’s Child singer may not be every man’s cup of tea but she is much more of the full package in this match up.

2. Beyonce


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