New York Mets 2011 Preview

2010 Record: 79-83

2011 Projected Roster

  • Catchers: Josh Thole, Ronny Paulino
  • Infielders: Ike Davis, David Murphy, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Brad Emaus, Chin-lung Hu
  • Outfielders: Carlos Beltran, Jason Bay, Angel Pagan, Scott Hairston, Willie Harris
  • Starters: Mike Pelfrey, Jon Niese, Chris Young, RA Dickey, Johan Santana(Chris Capuano)
  • Bullpen: Francisco Rodriguez, Bobby Parnell, Manny Acosta, DJ Carrasco, Tim Byrdak, Taylor Buchholz, Pedro Beato

Notable Signings

  1. DJ Carrasco: 2 years, $2.5MM
  2. Chris Young: 1 year, $1.1MM
  3. Chris Capuano: 1 year, $1.5MM
  4. Ronny Paulino: 1 year, $1.3MM
  5. Taylor Buchholz: 1 year, $600K

Notable Losses

  1. John Maine
  2. Pedro Feliciano
  3. Hisanori Takahashi
  4. Henry Blanco

Top Prospects

  1. Wilmer Flores: SS
  2. Matt Harvey: RHP
  3. Jenrry Mejia: RHP

Key Position Battles

  • Catchers: Josh Thole vs. Ronny Paulino – This could have been a much more interesting position battle had it not been for Paulino being delayed access to the states and his suspension due to a positive test for PEDs. Mets new manager, Terry Collins, said that Thole will be the primary catcher during the season. He had a solid showing in 2010 posting a .277 average in just over 200 at bats. Catcher Pick: Josh Thole
  • Second Base: David Murphy vs. Luis Castillo vs. Brad Emaus – Frankly, Luis Castillo should not even be on this Mets team and will likely not be on the opening day roster as my projected roster reflects. Brad Emaus will make the team considering he is a Rule 5 pick and is talented enough to contribute to the team in 2011. At the end of the day, David Murphy will snag the 2nd base job in New York. He is batting .276 this spring and was a favorite to take over there last year before shredding his knee. 2nd Base Pick: David Murphy

Some have higher expectations for this Mets team than I do while others may have lower expectations than me. Some think they are a better team than last season but some think they will be an utter joke in 2011 considering the lack of off season improvement. The brought in a new moneyball-type GM in Sandy Alderson and he is expected to eventually turn this team around; with his first order of business being bringing Terry Collins to manage. The core guys in David Wright and Jose Reyes will highlight a Mets line up that hopes to be very much improved. Jason Bay had an OPS over 130 points lower than his career average last season before going down with the concussion. The Mets hope he can return to form and not fall victim to the spacious Citi Field. It is reasonable to expect Angel Pagan to come back down to earth considering his 4.8 WAR in 2009 was higher than his career WAR of 4.7 over the four previous seasons. After two years of nagging injuries the Mets are hoping that Carlos Beltran can return to his old form, as well, after his move to right field in 2011. A lot needs to go right and fall into place the right way for this Met offense to be productive. As for the pitching staff, now that is another story. They will be without declining ace Johan Santana for half of the season and will place a lot of weight on two injury prone arms in Chris Young and Chris Capuano, as well as, youngster Jon Niese and knuckle baller RA Dickey, who played over his head as well in 2010. It is my opinion that the bullpen is worse off this season with the loss of Takahashi and Feliciano but they certainly could surprise some people. The Mets being a hometown team for me, my analysis of their roster may have been a bit of a run on but I would like to address one more roster issue in this post.

Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo have absolutely no business being a part of the 2011 New York Mets. Perez used to have so much potential and I was a huge fan when he was with the Pirates; his stuff was nothing short of electric. However, these days he is topping out around 86 MPH and has no command of his pitches causing him to walk the world. He also forced the Mets to operate with a 24 man roster for a period of time in 2010 because he refused to go to the minors and fine tune his pitching problems. He has no place in New York and will bring nothing to the table all season. Many will say that they can’t eat $12 million but they will be eating it and hurting the team if they keep him around. As for Luis Castillo, they Mets have younger and more talented options to play second base and his monetary situation should not hold them back on that front either. Murphy is a solid hitter and will likely not drop routine pop ups off the bat of all star third basemen. As mentioned early, Brad Emaus will make the team due to his status as a Rule 5 pick and is very well suited as a utility guy. Both of these players need to go for the franchise to appease the fan base and put butts in the seats this year; God knows they need the revenues.

WTP Projected 2011 Record: 77-85



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