Hot Babe Bracket: Bellucci & Kelly Region Sexy 16 Results

1. Minka Kelly def. 5. Sophia Bush: 3-1

  • After a close encounter with Jordana Brewster in the 2nd round Sophia Bush gives Minka Kelly a run but does not have the goods to take down the Bellucci Region’s top seed. The Friday Night Lights star Kelly was believed to be slightly over-seeded after taking a top spot in this tournament but thus far she has held her own and continues her hot winning ways by downing ‘Brooke Davis’ for a trip to the Erotic 8.

1. Minka Kelly

2. Kim Kardashian def. 11. Jennifer Lopez: 3-1

  • For the second match up in a row Kim Kardashian found herself in a battle of amazingly gigantic butts. Jenny from the block and her ass, which some say has its own zip code, was the lone Cinderella babe in this year’s Bracket of the Bros. J.Lo made the field of 68 as an 11 seed and got through Jessica Biel and Halle Berry only to fall at the hands(or should I say ass) of Kim. The reality star has one of the best bodies there is, plain and simple.

2. Kim Kardashian

1. Brooklyn Decker def. 5. Sofia Vergara: 3-1

  • In this match up we had the Brook vs. the Bust. Sofia Vergara rocks a busty rack that is challenged by very few and some find her accent to be extremely sexy. Brooklyn Decker, however, is presently one of the hottest commodities in the hot chick trade. Decker has a killer body including long model-esque legs which makes up for any shortcomings she has from the neck up(sometimes.) Double Decker(while only a C) takes down the real Double Ds on Vergara.

1. Brooklyn Decker

3. Eva Mendes def. 2. Beyonce: 3-1

  • Eva Mendes was able to hold off the higher seeded Beyonce Knowles in the most even match up in today’s action. Mendes could have easily won this in a sweep but one Bro preferred Beyonce’s sexy aura. Both have very similar features outside of the fact that Mendes is latina while Beyonce is black. Beyonce fans were hoping that she would be “putting a Bro Bracket Championship ring on it” but Eva had other plans. What put Mendes over the top? Could very possibly be everyone’s favorite scene from We Own The Night; on the couch with Joaquin Phoenix.

3. Eva Mendes


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