In Honor of Stars Recently Lost

10 Days until Opening Day 2011

  • Ron Santo, Chicago Cubs #10: .277 career average, 342 home runs, 9 all star apperances & 5 gold gloves
  • Ron Santo’s name has been thrown around many times for the Hall of Fame. He is likely a notch just below HOF status but may be voted in by the Veterans committee someday.
  • Bob Feller, Cleveland Indians #19: 266 wins, 3.25 career ERA, 2581 strikeouts, 8 all star apperances, Hall of Fame 1962
  • Feller’s numbers are even more impressive considering he missed over 3 seasons because he enlisted to fight in WWII. From 1942-1945 he forfeited 3 years of his prime from 23 to 25 to service his country. Rapid Robert is everything that a Hall of Famer should be.
  • Duke Snider, Brooklyn/LA Dodgers #4: .295 career average, 407 home runs, 8 all star apperances, Hall of Fame 1980
  • Snider was a brilliant talent who was part of a special trio of centerfielders during the Golden Era of baseball in the 1950s and 1960s. He may have been the 3rd wheel of the trio which included Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle but everyone had “their guy” back then; the arguments over who was best of the three were undoubtedly epic. The Duke ruled Brooklyn and ultimately Hollywood for a long, long time.

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