Hot Babe Bracket: Erotic 8 Results

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui def. 3. Jessica Alba: 3-1

  • Chriqui experienced her first hiccup in this entire tournament against Jessica Alba. She has swept every opponent with ease up to this point but this time Alba was able to steal a point away from her. Emmanuelle is still the number one overall seed in this tourney for a reason and her sexy good girl demeanor was able to propel her into the Foxy 4.

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui

1. Minka Kelly def. 2. Kim Kardashian: 3-2

  • In one of the tighter match ups in the tournament thus far Minka Kelly showed why she deserved a one seed. Kim Kardashian is a love her-hate her type celeb who seems to have the same reaction to her looks. She has a truly stellar body(quite possibly the number 1 ass in America) but the face may be lacking a little. This is what may have done her in. Minka Kelly’s hotness is also enhanced by the fact that she is engaged to Derek Jeter because any babe hot enough for him to settle down with must be top tier.

1. Minka Kelly

1. Brooklyn Decker def. 3. Eva Mendes: 3-1

  • This was a fairly easy win and decision in favor of Brooklyn Decker. The spread between the two is not that big but Decker had a clear cut advantage for two reason; her youth and her current relevance. We are not in the Eva Mendes Hitch days any longer. The vision of Brooklyn Decker trotting out of the ocean in that yellow bikini in the Adam Sandler movie is what is fresh in all of our minds.

1. Brooklyn Decker

1. Scarlett Johansson def. 2. Marisa Miller: 3-2

  • In what proved to be the best match up in this entire bracket it is hard to believe that a winner could have even emerged. Scarlett Jo rocks one of the most incredible bodies in Hollywood with a rack and smile that could make a guy fall in love. Marisa Miller is the number one super model in the world in terms of popularity and hotness; there is literally not a flaw on her. One Bro said “is this match up even legal?” and another asked “do I really have to choose?” Well, all the votes are in and this match up was the equivalent of a overtime buzzer beater win for Scarlett Johansson.

1. Scarlett Johansson

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