New York Yankees 2011 Preview

2010 Record: 95-67

2011 Projected Roster

  • Catchers: Russell Martin, Francisco Cervelli(Gustavo Molina,) Jorge Posada
  • Infielders: Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Eduardo Nunez, Eric Chavez
  • Outfielders: Curtis Granderson, Brett Gardner, Nick Swisher, Andruw Jones
  • Starters: CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, Freddy Garcia
  • Bullpen: Mariano Rivera, Rafael Soriano, Joba Chamberlain, David Robertson, Pedro Feliciano, Boone Logan, Bartolo Colon

Top Signings

  1. Russell Martin: 1 year, $4MM
  2. Pedro Feliciano: 2 years, $8MM
  3. Rafael Soriano: 3 years, $35MM
  4. Andruw Jones: 1 year, $2MM
  5. Bartolo Colon: minor league deal
  6. Freddy Garcia: minor league deal
  7. Eric Chavez: minor league deal

Top Losses

  1. Andy Pettitte
  2. Javier Vazquez
  3. Lance Berkman
  4. Kerry Wood
  5. Marcus Thames
  6. Sergio Mitre


Top Prospects

  1. Jesus Montero: C
  2. Manny Banuelos: LHP
  3. Gary Sanchez: C
  4. Dellin Betances: RHP
  5. Andrew Brackman: RHP


Key Position Battles

  • 5th Starter: Freddy Garcia vs. Bartolo Colon vs. Kevin Millwood: The Yankees are not in the situation they would prefer to be with these 3 guys as the options to fill their final rotation spot but they will look to make the best of the situation. Millwood just signed a minor league deal with the squad and will get a look to see if he has enough left in the tank to pitch at the major league level at some point during the season. Millwood had an ERA over 5 last season and gave up way too many home runs. Colon has not pitched considerable major league innings since his Cy Young season of 2005 and is incredibly fat(as usual.) Freddy Garcia actually had a respectable season with the White Sox in 2010 and is likely best suited to take the final starter spot. Colon had the best spring of the 3 righties but will be slotted into the long relief roll out of the gate. My guess is that all 3 get a decent number of starts for the Bombers this season. 5th Starter Pick: Freddy Garcia

4 Days until Opening Day 2011

This is the first time that I can remember that the Yankees are not the favorite to win the AL East(or even the favorite to win the American League.) With that being said they still have one of the best teams, on paper, in the majors. No team in the majors has an offense like the Yankees. They have the less holes/question marks in their lineup than any team in the Majors. The three key components of their lineup will man the heart of the order; Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, and Robinson Cano. All three of these players are gold glove caliber fielders and have the potential be the AL MVP in any given year. Tex hopes to get off to a hotter start than usual this season, ARod looks incredible in camp and may be back to his 40 home run ways and Robinson Cano is still on the rise coming off a massive break out season in 2011. After an interesting offseason and contract negotiation period the Yankee Captain, Derek Jeter, will be another player who looks to bounce back in 2011 after the worst season of his career. Age may have simply caught up to DJ but I believe he still has something left in the tank and will register another .300 season. Jorge Posada can still bang the ball around and his move to DH will allow him to stay on the field and not get so run down from catching every day. Although the Yankee outfield is not particularly frightening they compliment a potentially Hall of Fame infield perfectly. Nick Swisher is an OBP machine while Brett Gardner is a perfect table setter with his plus-plus speed. Curtis Granderson brings speed and power to the table; a great hybrid of Swisher and Gardner. The one part of this Yankee team that people seem to be down on is their starting rotation and with good reason. CC Sabathia will be the ace caliber stopper that he always is but some are worried about AJ Burnett being the number 2 starter. He is coming off the worst season of his career and pitched no higher than ‘replacement level.’ Phil Hughes is another one of these pitchers who may feel the effects of the Verducci Effects and will need to overcome that for the Yankees to have Yankee-esque success. The final two rotation spots were up for grabs all throughout camp but it looks as though Ivan Nova will be taking his game to the next level and Freddy Garcia will bring a nice veteran presence to the back end of the staff. As down as the masses are on the rotation, many are raving about the bullpen the Yanks has assembled. Mariano Rivera, enough said. They added the pieces of Rafael Soriano and Pedro Feliciano to give them great depth. Soriano is a saved 45 games for Tampa last season and may be the best set up man in baseball while Feliciano has a reputation as one of the top lefty specialists in the game. The usual suspects of David Robertson and Joba Chamberlain will look to bounce back from average seasons but have been impressive thus far in camp. Considering the Bronx Bombers are the team where my allegiance lies it was easy for me to get a little bit of elephantiasis with this post; I just have so much to say about every guy on this roster. This looks to be a down year for the American League which makes it possible for a weaker Yankee team to make it back to the postseason, once again.

WTP Projected 2011 Record: 92-70


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