Hot Babe Bracket: Foxy 4 Results

1. Scarlett Johansson def. 1. Emmanuelle Chriqui: 3-1

  • Scarlett Jo has found herself in another epic matchup(she took down Marisa Miller in overtime in the Erotic 8,) this time taking on number 1 overall seed Emmanuelle Chriqui. Chriqui has essentially blow through this tournament thus far but her run comes to an end tonight. Scarlett Johansson and quite possibly the best rack in Hollywood had enough juice to take down the future Mrs. Sloan Murphy. Blondie will head into the Hottest Babe Final Face-Off.

1. Scarlett Johansson

1. Minka Kelly vs. 1. Brooklyn Decker: 3-1

  • In another 3-1 decision Minka Kelly continues her interesting run through this tourney and has made it to the Hottest Babe Final Face-Off. There is something about Minka that most guys just are mesmerized, although it seems to be something that can not be described too well. Brooklyn Decker has the youth, the modeling experience and the hot body but Minka continues to take down opponent after opponent with relative ease, despite one Bro believing she should have been bounced from this Bracket much sooner. Her final matchup will be the toughest yet.

1. Minka Kelly




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2 Responses to Hot Babe Bracket: Foxy 4 Results

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  2. Dawud Adib says:

    ScarJo is very nice looking, but looks even better as a red head

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