Manny Being Manny – Our Favorite Moments

What better way to start this blog post than with what may be my favorite “This is Sportscenter” commercial ever. 55% of voters stated in last week’s WTP Poll that they believe Manny Ramirez’s legacy will revolve mainly around his “Manny being Manny” persona. Due to that winning out in the poll here is a look at a few of everyone’s favorite Manny being Manny moments

  1. Girly ‘Man’ny: Not only is Manny busted for using PEDs once he was got caught twice. The first failed test, back in 2009 which held a 50 game suspension, was for a female fertility drug. This was a drug known to be used to help combat the negative effects of steroids on the body. The fact that it was a female fertility drug became the butt of many jokes. I do not know if there is another baseball player could ever be caught using a banned substance a second time; a mere 2 years later. ManRam decided to say screw it and just retired rather than taking the suspension. A typical Manny being Manny move.
  2. Monster Leak: We all remember Manny Ramirez disappearing into the Green Monster at Fenway Park at random times during ball games. The reasons have including talking on a cell phone, taking a swig of Gatorade and taking a quick leak. He was even absent for a pitch of an actual game one time while he dilly-dallied inside that big green wall. It is a good thing he was a complete and utter masher of the baseball back in those Boston days otherwise he would never have been able to get away with such shenanigans.
  3. High 5 in Baltimore: Another infamous Manny being Manny moment came in May of 2008. In the year that Manny was ultimately shipped off to the Dodgers he was up to his usual tricks. Kevin Millar hit a ball deep to left and not only did Manny actually track it down he took a few extra steps, leaped up on the wall and high fived and unsuspecting fan. Not only did ManRam slap hands with some lucky fan he was able to turn around and get the ball back into the infield to double the runner off of first. This phrase seems to be getting old here but; only Manny…Manny being Manny.
  4. I will be taking that Mr. Damon: Without question the most epic, most hilarious, most incredible, most “Manny” moment had to be the Johnny Damon cut off play. Not only did Manny misplay this ball and let it go to the wall, when Damon picked it up and tried to get it into the infield to limit the damage Manny came diving out of no where to cut it off and allow the batter to complete his inside the park home run. It was the definition of a complete train wreck of a play. It was amazingly funny. I wish I could find the video for this play but it seems to not be posted anywhere currently. I will keep searching and post as soon as I find it.

I was going to delve into Manny’s dominance on the offensive side of the ball but I will save it for my upcoming post about steroids and my beliefs on the Hall of Fame for players like Manny, Bonds and Clemens. The remainder of the poll results are as follows…

  • Manny = one of best RH batters of all time: 36%
  • Manny = steroid user: 9%

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